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On April 27, 2023, Marc Jacobs Monogram came to Beijing, sweeping the fashion landmark Taikoo Li Sanlitun. ACTIVATION helps Marc Jacobs to perform modern fashion on the street, create a series of activities around skateboarding and street culture, and spread to the Mass communication Marc Jacobs' fashion attitude of seeking breakthrough and breaking away from rebellion.

ACTIVATION EVENT & ACTIVATION DIGITAL meticulously created a dazzling trend party for Rémy Martin CLUB in the POSE Play Art Space in Shenzhen, which was simultaneously broadcast on the social platform. They invited trendsetters to gather online and offline at Rémy Martin CLUB's night party, creating a hot event in the city together.

This winter, the KENZO 2022 AW "Pop Bouquet" series, personally crafted by art director Nigo, is officially released. KENZO collaborates with ACTIVATION PR&ACTIVATION DIGITAL to create an immersive # KENZONIGO # pattern drying experience that combines virtual and real brand experiences, infused with new floral patterns, and revitalized the brand's youthful vitality.

"Fashion Weekend" was held on October 14th and 15th, during which brands  united for a unique outdoor fashion show, on a runway that extend from the 80-meter Scenic Bridge to the 450-meter Sky Loop, in an interpretation of Shanghai fashion attitudes.

Barbour joins hands with ACTIVATION DIGITAL & ACTIVATION PR to create online and offline events,  setting off a British vintage boom.

Through the power of design, promoting the integration and symbiosis of the virtual and the real, the present and the future, empowering a win-win metaverse ecology, building the innovative development of the metaverse industry, and linking the broad stage of the future of the metaverse.

The ending show was brought by ACTIVATION DIGITAL, real and virtual models were twins to present the same frequency deduction of fashion design.